About Us.

PGV General Builders Ltd is a nation-wide general builders team based in the United Kingdom, specialising in every kind of projects, no matter the complexity or size.

We are a general builders company, known for its high-quality services and professionalism. Although our company was founded in Europe, we have managed to create an image in the United Kingdom through our extensive experience and dedication to our craft. Our customers define the way we execute our services, as our purpose is meeting all our clients’ demands.

Our team is carefully selected, corresponding to very high standards. Each one of our members has a broad experience, as well as various certificates and qualifications. Teamwork is one of our strongest suits, as collaboration is often the main factor in succeeding and completing our projects.

No matter how complex, time-consuming or large the project is, we guarantee the greatest attention to details. We dispose of all the tools needed for each service, along with the necessary personnel to operate with them. We are constantly looking to improve our services, according to our clients’ suggestions and opinions.

Our team of builders is completely dedicated to fulfilling all your demands in the most professional and efficient way. For the best design, furniture installation, masonry, loft conversion, reconditioning, refurbishment, plumbing, carpentry and joinery services at the most competitive prices, don’t hesitate to contact us and start working with our general builders team!

To start working with our team and collaborating for your success, please click here to contact us.

Why Choose Us?.

Highest Quality

All our services are carefully planned and executed, as we always put our client’s demands and preferences in the first place.

Experience & Qualifications

We have a team of experienced general builders, capable of executing our top-tier services according to each one of your needs.

Best Prices

We offer a 100% guarantee that your demanded project will be executed with great care so that it doesn’t exceed your budget limits.


For our company, clients come first, so we create a tight bond between us and our clients, always ready to hear from them.

Our vision is becoming one of the largest and most successful building companies in the UK, constantly improving our services and creating new, innovative ones, while gaining experience, correcting any errors and reaching perfection.

Our mission is satisfying absolutely all of our clients’ demands and completing every project with great care. Through our high-quality work, we aim to succeed in making our customers happy and pleased with our services.

We possess many values, such as efficiency, dedication to our work, communication with our clients, teamwork, and personalization. No matter how large and complex your demands are, you can count on us to handle them.