Service Overview

When it comes to choosing a professional team of general builders to design and install your furniture, you should consider all factors, such as quality, punctuality and trust. Not only a unique furniture design is essential, but also a specialized crew to install it properly. With a very extensive experience and a true dedication on satisfying our customers, you can rely on us for all your furniture design and installation needs. Our services are carried out by our fully trained and qualified staff to the highest professional standards.

Our professionalism is proven by our communication with clients, as well as our capacity to fulfil their demands. We are known to underway furniture design and installation services in a very efficient and professional manner, thus corresponding with all our clients’ demands and preferences.

Project Management

Our Principles

Our main principle was, is, and will always be respecting our customers’ demands and preferences. That is why we are continuously striving to improve our company by upgrading our equipment, choosing the highest-qualified personnel and training it for every kind of situation, letting our customers know about every detail of our work, forming and maintaining a tight bond with our clients and studying the latest techniques and technologies for the highest efficiency.

Furniture design and installation projects require a carefully devised plan. We can install every piece of furniture, such as tables, desks, drawers, beds and many more. Before installing your furniture, a design plan is always required for an efficient execution. A thorough analysis of your home or workplace will help us devise a plan, after which we will install your furniture. We can also personalise the furniture however you wish, so that it meets all your preferences.